MJM Marketing Solutions

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Making the best marks 
with the best ideas.
MJM Marketing Solutions is a small graphic design studio that swings way above its weight class, specializing in brand creation and development, strategic thinking, and creative, bold 
graphic design chops.

I'm not only available for freelance- I'm still interested in bringing these skills to bear for the right Branding or Advertising agency. I have nearly 20 years' experience working at an agency, and it's a place of familiarity for me. Contact me and let's talk!

I've created and updated brands, advertising and corporate imagery for a diverse range of clients, including automotive, sports, retail, food, service and charity organizations.

What I Do

Who I've done it for

Graphic Design  -  Art Direction  -  Package Design
Brand Consultation   -  Illustration

General Motors  -  Chevrolet  -  IBM  -  Holiday Inn
Geddes Farm  -  Stinson Mellor Lacrosse  -  And more!

Skill Set

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign: Expert

Adobe Bridge, Lightroom & Muse: Medium

HTML & CSS: Light

Graphic Design / Brand Work

Graphic Design and Brand Work I've done for corporate (at my old agency) and freelance clients, with some classwork mixed in.

Art Direction

Art Direction work I've done over my career for clients (including agency work) as well as college projects. This is the way marks become comprehensive, world-ready ideas.


Illustration isn't just something I do for myself. I've done it for clients as well, and it helps when you have an idea that a simple symbol won't bring to life... Illustration is part of many things I do.


Photography is mainly something I do for fun, for myself to document vacations or special moments, but occasionally a client will need a shot or three, and I'm happy to oblige. I've also directed photo shoots when I worked at the agency, but that's another story.

Contact Me

Need some branding or design work done? Want to talk to me about a job opening? I can help.

Contact me via Facebook and check out my Blog!

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